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Mother / Son Dance

The bride and her father had their moment. Now's not the time to forget the groom's mom. She did give birth to him and all... Let's face it all mom's love their little boys. Whether the groom is a mommy's boy or not he will enjoy a special moment with the first woman to love him. Choosing a song to celebrate this momentous day with mom can be tricky. Just like the Father/Daughter dance there can be a fine line when selecting a song. You want to choose something with meaning for mom but not crossing the line into creepy or sappy. These songs are popular for the mother / son dance as they stay on the right side of that line.


- Cheers


You Raise Me Up

- Josh Grobin

The Luckiest

- Ben Folds

Then They Do

- Trace Adkins

Across the Universe (naked version)

- The Beatles

Sweet Child O’ Mine

- Sheryl Crow

A Song For Mama 

- Boyz II Men

Of Course There Are Many More.... This Is Just A Taste

Garter/Bouquet Toss
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