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Jack & Jill Service Peterborough

Shawn's Jack & Jill service includes helping you plan your Jack & Jill. He knows what works to make more money to put towards your wedding. He has many games, activities and events (Yes, all 3 are different) that can work together to maximize your profits for your Jack & Jill. The system he implements allows Shawn to make the most of the evening for you. By involving Shawn in the planning process he makes you money. It's been proven time and time again.


He has been doing this for a long time. Shawn knows how to entertain your friends by doing more than just play really great music (which he does too). He is interactive with your guests and keeps them spending money so you make more.


Shawn HOSTS your Jack & Jill for you at no exra charge. DJ'ing a Jack & Jill is  about making you money and keeping people entertained so they are happier to stay longer and spend more while having a great time.  His system of Games, Events and Activities makes this easier than ever.


Get a discount on your Jack & Jill when you book your Wedding too!

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